About Tanon Leather Goods

We’re Tanon. A personalized, premium leather company.

But truth be told, it’s not about us. We curated our premium leather with someone else in mind: you. Our collection of handcrafted goods is designed to be an indelible introduction to your lifestyle, passion and purpose. The palette and personalization are testaments to your individuality. It’s fashioned for you by you.

Your name on the case means everything. It’s our mission to prove why.

Behind Our Monograms



No one believes in you more than Mitch. “Put a little you into everything,” he always says. Here, he can practice what he preaches.


Gene’s passion is getting down to business. That’s not what his initials stand for, but it works out serendipitously.


At 6’2”, “Tall Glass of Water” is literally on Andrea’s business card. This case only felt right. 


Music goes everywhere for Evan. Naturally, this case does, too.


Cassie loves being a twin, but sometimes she wants something of her own to stand out.


No stranger to a shopping spree, Ali is reminded of her style every time she pulls out her credit card.